The Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance welcomes Miles Collier as Senior Judge for 2016.

Miles C. Collier has long been an advocate for the automobile as one of the world’s most important legacy artifacts.  Recently, he has been participating in an innovative new project, “Leaving Legacy – From Masters to Millennials” which will enable the handing down and continuing nurturance of this important bequest to future generations.

Collier has repeatedly stressed that “Transformative” is the best word to describe the automobile from an historical perspective.  To support his advocacy, he founded The Revs Institute as a place which, because of its access to the remarkable Collier Collections, its extensive library, and one of the world’s largest digital archives, has become a repository of automobile related resources and knowledge for those interested in the automobile as an important historic, societal, economic, cultural, technological, and aesthetic artifact.

For almost two decades, Collier has formulated and led a biennial symposium on Connoisseurship and the Collectible Automobile.  This symposium brings together collectors and faculty from around the world to discuss critical issues associated with collecting historic automobiles.  Significantly, the symposium emphasizes the responsibility to not only preserve and protect these legacy artifacts, but to foster an appreciation among future generations as well.

As Miles Collier himself has stated, “The automobile made the modern world possible and remains an ideal lens to examine the trajectory of modernity; our past, present and even our future.”

Little wonder that this highly respected advocate of the historic automobile is leading the charge to understand, appreciate and preserve this important legacy of our world well into the 21st Century.