Paul Duchene has been an automotive journalist for 40 years and a motorcycle rider for 50, starting with a 1939 James Autocycle in England, at age 10.

He has written for the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, AutoWeek, Car and Driver, andConsumer’s Digest. He is the former executive editor of Sports Car Market Magazine and has been the magazine’s motorcycle columnist since 2003. He was an award-winning writer and editor for The Oregonian for nearly 20 years. He has judged at various concours including the Legend of the Motorcycle at Half Moon Bay, and serves as an announcer at motorcycle and historic auto races, including the 2010 Prehistorics at Monterery.

Duchene has vintage-raced a T500 Suzuki, completed a half dozen Alcan 5000 winter car rallies, and restored or (at least extended the life of) numerous cars and motorcycles. In 2006 he competed in the MotoGiro d’Italia; and in 2007 the MotoGiro America. Whenever he gets overconfident, he buys a Citroen DS 19 and is humbled, again.